Managing Agents Pest Control

Pest Control Services for Managing Agents and Landlords of Rented Residential Properties throughout the UK

We provide pest control services to private residential estate and managing agents as well as social housing enterprises and local authorities throughout the UK. Our company recognises that coordinating pest control treatments in managed residential properties can be challenging and intricate. This is based on Shield Pest Control’s 40 years’ plus experience of supplying solutions for issues created by birds, insects, rodents and larger mammals.
Our managing agent clients have also benefited from our competitively priced pest control services. This is not just when compared against private service providers but also local authorities own in-house contractors.

Why Shield Pest Control should be your first port of call instead of using local authorities’ in-house services?

It is important to note that when infestations and pest control remedies on multi-dwelling properties are required, local authorities usually charge the more expensive ‘Commercial’ remedy. The general perception is that local authorities are always the cheapest – when on closer inspection the best cost benefit solution may actually lie elsewhere.

Legally the ultimate responsibility of the property is with the landlord or land owner to keep their assets free from pests. They are therefore very reliant on their managing agent to protect their interests and reputation. With this in mind the prospective pest control services company needs to offer the managing agent complete assurance through proof of their efficiency, a high level of client service and price competitiveness. It is for these reasons why Shield Pest Control is recognised as an industry leading service provider for managing agents.

Our in-depth resources are flexible enabling our teams to manage pest control services on smaller and large estates. Shield Pest Control can treat multiple or one-off infestations with tact and diplomacy. We work in partnership with the client supporting their tenant community engagement policies.

Our operatives are trained to rigorous standards of The British Pest Control Association (BPCA). Shield is a full member of the BPCA.

Health and safety is our prime focus and we operate in accordance with the following requirements:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The COSHH Regulations 2002 are regulations applied under this Act.
  • The Food and Environmental Protection Act 1985. The COPR are regulations applied under this Act.
  • Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Shield Pest Control supports good practice and has therefore made significant investment in employee development as well as technology.

Our company has developed an advanced electronic reporting management system. This offers managing agents real time online access to reports including images taken on site. Our field operatives are all issued with handheld PDAs to upload all essential visit and site data, including status reports and action undertaken.

For more information about Shield Pest Control’s services for Managing Agents throughout the UK or to request a free consultation please call us on 0800 954 8098.

Shield Pest Control is based in South East London, with over 400 clients nationwide.