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Often referred to as ‘Seagulls’, Herring Gulls are large birds, measuring about 55cm from bill to tail with a wingspan of about 85cm. Breeding pairs start nest building in May.  Nests can be quite large and if made of material accumulated over several years, very heavy.  Eggs are laid from early May onwards, usually two or three. The eggs take about three weeks to hatch so the first chicks generally emerge at the beginning of June.

Chicks take three or four years to reach maturity and breed.  The life expectancy of a seagull, which reaches maturity is about 20 years.

Seagulls tend to nest in colonies and once roof nesting birds gain a foothold other seagulls nest on adjacent buildings.  If left unchecked, a colony starts to develop.

Seagulls as Pests

Problems include noise, mess and damage to property including blocking of flue and gutters through nesting.

Methods for controlling Seagulls involve controlling food sources and proofing of buildings.

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