Insect Pest Control

Some insects are invaluable – some pollinate plants to give us food, forests and flowers and some clean up refuse before it becomes dangerous to our health. But some insects annoy, some hurt, and some cause serious harm. That's the time to call Shield Pest Control.


Shield Pest Control deliver an innovative range of solutions for dealing with all types of insect infestations. All of our work is carried out to the highest standards.

Shield prides itself in the following proven capabilities and tactics:

  • Insect screening
  • Specialised moth control
  • Specialised insecticides
  • Wide range of electronic and glue board fly control methods
  • Environmentally responsible solutions always recommended
  • Flying insect analysis
  • Shield’s UV coverage will increase fly catch at an ultra-low voltage
  • Shield delivers fast economical and permanent solutions

Bed Bugs:

  • One of the fastest and growing pest control concerns is bed bug control. The common bed bug bite can cause reactions ranging from minor irritation to severe allergic hypersensitivity. Bed bugs are a pest of significant public health importance and a major global economic problem, widely infesting homes, hospitals and dormitories and damaging the hospitality industry through infestation of hotels, cinemas and transport.
  • Shield have proven experience and capabilities to identify the source and the correct long-term solution


Shield have vast experience of providing proven and last solution to moth infestations. Moths are to be taken serious because they:

  • Have a huge impact on residual damage to clothing and soft furnishing
  • This has huge costs implications on the average wardrobe given that is rarely covered by most insurance policies
  • Moth infestation on an industrial scale in sectors like retail and large fabric covered seated areas such as cinemas can lead to closures and a public health hazard

Shield offer a solution for any budget ranging from a comprehensive spray to monitoring and laying down of confusion tablets to rapidly reduce numbers growth.

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Shield Pest Control is based in South East London, with over 400 clients nationwide.