Cat Flea Pest Control

Cat fleas are the most common species of flea that causes domestic problems in the UK, accounting for around 70% of all household flea problems. They are parasites that live on warm blooded animals, but are not necessarily exclusive to cats as they will feed from other types of animal so it would not be uncommon for a dog to be bitten by a Cat flea, for example. As well as being carried on the cat itself, cat bedding can support a population of thousands of fleas, as they thrive in dark humid conditions.

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Cat Flea Pest Control

Cat Fleas

Flea bites can cause irritation to people who suffer from allergies, but will not affect everyone, so some families will notice that some individuals are bitten while others don’t seem to notice.

For cat flea pest control, the first priority is to see to your pets. Your home should then be treated by a qualified pest control professional using a flea control treatment that is often referred to as flea fumigation. The insecticide is sprayed on surfaces, then as the water evaporates it leaves a fine film of insecticide around the house, which has an immediate effect on the fleas.

A cat flea infestation can be extremely unpleasant for pets and family members, so we strongly recommend having the pest control treatment conducted by a trained professional.

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