Cloths Moth Pest Control

Clothes moths do not pose any real health risks, but they can cause unsightly holes and ruin expensive clothes, carpets or even sofas. Clothes moths thrive in the warm dark environments, so wardrobes, drawers and insulated lofts make the perfect home. Clothes moth larvae can chew anything made of organic fibres, and it is usually only when you see the damage that you realise you have a moth problem.

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Clothes Moth Pest Control

Cloths Moth

Clothes Moth Pest Control can be fairly straight forward. If you are storing away clothes be sure they are washed thoroughly first, and vacuum pack clothing storage bags give a good level of protection against moth infestation. Plus you can reduce the chances of them entering in the first place by keeping windows closed once it is dark outside.

Once infestation is a problem, mothballs can be used, although with limited effect. Our team of pest control experts can apply more effective treatments including insecticides for drawers, wardrobes, roof spaces and other affected areas, if all preventive measures have failed.

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