German Cockroach Pest Control

The German Cockroach is one of the most commonly found cockroaches in the UK, and is recognisable as lighter brown in colour than the Oriental cockroach, which is black in colour and much larger.

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German Cockroach Pest Control

German Cockroach

German cockroaches can climb smooth surfaces, and can carry food germs on their bodies, which makes them responsible for the spread of diseases such as dysentery and gastro-enteritis. Their diet includes almost anything, including faecal matter, so food contamination will occur when the insect comes in to contact with food or food preparation surfaces.

Many people notice a cockroach problem when they notice their eggs, which are the size and shape of a small kidney bean and brown in colour, or their faeces, which looks like black pepper. They spend most of the day hiding in cracks and crevices and come out at night, which means they may not be seen by people.

Cockroach Pest Control can be achieved by making sure premises are always clean, and by plugging all cracks around cupboards, skirting boards or pipes with silicone sealant. Once an infestation has occurred treatment can be carried out using gel baits, although a qualified pest control professional should be consulted.

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