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We can be available quickly, anywhere in the UK from the South to the North of England and everywhere in the middle, as well as Wales and Scotland. Pests are as common rurally as in urban areas and have no preference to the North, South, East or West; wherever you find them, we can help.


As the leading Essex pest control company, we are proud to work across the whole county as well as East London, to provide pest control needs for residential and commercial pest control.

East Anglia

Wherever your location is in East Anglia our pest control services have you covered

South West

The pest control service we deliver stretches far and wide across every part of the UK, and the South West of England is no exception.

South East

Our pest control services stretch all over the UK and we are on hand to promptly deal with any requests we receive.

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Shield Pest Control offer a full pest control service throughout Central and Greater London via a team of footmen and van driven technicians.


Wherever in the Midlands you are, we will be able to send a local team who can carry out our pest control services with speed and efficiency.

North East

From Newcastle through Durham to Middlesbrough and all over the North East of England, we have pest control technicians locally available to quickly deal with any pest control problem you encounter.

North West

If you are local to Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool or Burnley, or anywhere in the North West of England, we will be able to quickly, effectively and efficiently eradicate any pest control problems you experience.


We can boast the most efficient and professional pest control service in the UK and this stretches as far as Scotland. Wherever you are in the country, our professionals are on hand to help with whatever pest problem you encounter.


We are proud to state that our pest control professionals are available all over the UK and a professional pest control team can be dispatched quickly to any reports we get throughout Wales.

Northern Ireland

Wherever in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland you are our best control services can serve you.


Domestic and Commercial Pest Control throughout the UK

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