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Domestic and Commercial Pest Control in North East

We offer a fast and effective service that is usually carried out and completed in a day. We are leading experts in dealing with rodents, birds, insects or wasp removals and are also well versed in bird proofing buildings.

We work both commercially and domestically to solve pest control issues for businesses and homes. Given the often drastic effects a pest infestation can bring about, it is important that once identified, the problem is dealt with quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Reputations can be tarnished and legal implications imposed for businesses who fail to deal with any pest control concerns that arise on their premises. It is absolutely imperative that action is taken swiftly. This is why we are located throughout the UK, and can be on hand at short notice to provide pest control services anywhere in the North East.

Scunthorpe through to Grimsby, York to Hartlepool or indeed anywhere in the North East of England, we can be with you quickly and with a professional service so impressive, you will almost be looking forward to your next rodent visit. Well, not quite but you will certainly be impressed!

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Outstanding Reputation

We are proud to have a long-standing reputation for providing the best possible service and solution for all pest problems. This includes Rodent pest control, Bird proofing, Flying and Crawling Insects, Pharaoh’s Ants and other more exotic pests. (See Pest Control Services)

Efficient Solutions

All of our team of Pest Control technicians are trained to the highest standards. Our team very experienced and have been security cleared for Government buildings, Royal Households and other high profile and ‘sensitive’ buildings.

Safety Conscious

As employers we ensure all our employees comply with the Health & Safety Act 1974, The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (COSHH), and the Food and Environment protection Act 1985 (FEPA). Of utmost importance for our pest control is the was the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986, which benefits users to comply with instructions in the statutory box, to achieve secure and efficient pest control solutions.

Happy Customers

To really find out more about Shield Pest Control, who we are and how we work, you can ask any of our satisfied clients about us. Please get in touch on 0800 954 8098 and find out for yourself what we can do for you.

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