Facilities Management Pest Control

Throughout the UK

Shield Pest Control UK Limited is a truly independent partner which Facilities Management departments and organisations can rely on. We work with Facilities Management companies and in-house Facilities Managers on small and large-scale establishments throughout the UK. Our experience with Facilities Management companies means that we understand the complex challenges that are often present in this sector. This extends to having security clearance for Government buildings, Royal Households and other high profile and ‘sensitive’ buildings in London. Since 2008, our organisation is one of the very few pest control companies in England that has been granted a Royal Warrant by HM The Queen.
As a Company we have over 40 years’ of combined knowledge and experience in pest management. We are full members of The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and our operatives are trained to their rigorous standards.

Shield Pest Control’s experienced and fully trained operatives are proactive and will alert Facilities Management of any potential or actual issues found during their site inspections. Whether the premises is a commercial office block or industrial site or retail park or residential estate, Shield Pest Control will help Facilities Management protect their client’s investment – e.g. controlling rodents, birds and insects. Shield Pest Control’s solutions prevent ongoing damage to telecoms and building infrastructure and removing any potential sources of risk to health. This also avoids any negative impact on the wellbeing and brand reputation for employees and customers alike.

Through significant investment in technology and team development, we aim to be at the forefront of good practice and centre of excellence. Appreciating that Facilities Managers depend on clear information and 24/7 reporting, we have established an excellent record of providing very responsive and effective channels of communication. Shield Pest Control has now developed an advanced electronic reporting management system which offers real time online access to reports including images. We are rolling out this new system from March 2016.

All our field operatives have Handheld PDAs to upload all essential visit and site data, including status reports, recommendations to keep your site pest free and action taken. This essential data for Facilities Managers and companies will be available via a secure website Log-in to obtain online access in real time to this information.

Our policies, risk assessments, accreditations and memberships demonstrate our commitment to health and safety. These are in accordance to:

  • Health & Safety Act 1974
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (COSHH)
  • Food and Environment protection Act 1985 (FEPA)
  • Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.

All our technicians are trained to the highest standards and we are focused on learning and development to ensure we that stay at the forefront of our industry.

Shield Pest Control offers a very competitively priced service to accommodate any professional FM company’s needs and budget.

For more information about Shield Pest Control‘s services for Facilities Management (FM) or to request a free consultation please call us on 0800 954 8098.

Shield Pest Control is based in South East London, with over 400 clients nationwide.