Rodent Pest control

Since the time when rats spread the Black Plague throughout Europe with such devastating effect that only the Great Fire of London could turn the deadly tide, rodents have been feared as the bringers of disease. Even with our modern medicines there is still cause for concern. Rats and mice can be very destructive and cause serious health risks as they contaminate food supplies as well as storage and preparation areas.

Rat and Mice Pest Control

‘Shield Pest Control deliver an innovative range of solutions for dealing with rodent infestations. All of our work is carried out to the highest standards.

Shield prides itself in the following proven capabilities and tactics:

  • Wide range of tactics to control and eliminate rodents
  • Latest approved rodenticides
  • Entrapment methods
  • Individual assessment
  • Non-toxic monitoring and control methods available
  • Flexible wall mountings for bait stations
  • Our baits are tamper proof and low purchase price
  • Covert bait stations available to blend in with surroundings
  • Fast economical long term solutions

Shield’s steel rodent bait station suitable for internal and external use with either cereal or secured block bait. The galvanised steel styled baits provide a pleasing appearance with no sharp corners. Top key entry gives quick access and protects hands. Our baits eliminates rodent aversion to cold surfaces. The rodent bristle strips prevent rodent ingress through apertures that do not hinder door movement.

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