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What you need to know about Fox Pest Control

While foxes have, over time, attained a sweet public image, we know that they can negatively impact both domestic and commercial regions. The best way to ensure that fox pest control is effective is to contact professionals – we’re confident that we would be able to resolve your fox pest control problem.

There is no doubt that foxes can cause considerable trouble. They can damage lawns and gardens when digging for worms, and they scent mark their territories with strong smelling droppings and urine, raid rubbish bags and bins spilling the contents. Once your space is regularly being visited by foxes, they can be very difficult to deter.

Fox Control

The majority of calls regarding fox control are from households, followed by educational facilities, sports complexes and commercial and industrial sites. All have one thing in common – a fox problem that needs to be dealt with expertly. The culling of foxes is permitted by law, however, you must be sure to engage the services of a pest control company who is able to manage the problem expertly and humanely.

Why are Foxes a Pest?

If you’re unfamiliar with foxes, you may assume that they’re fairly simple creatures that don’t impact large cities like London. However, this is untrue.

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Why are Foxes a Pest?

If you’re unfamiliar with foxes, you may assume that they’re fairly simple creatures that don’t impact large cities like London. However, this is untrue.

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During our tenure as a pest control company, we have seen foxes be exceptionally destructive and violent when the need arises. They will commonly root through garbage and can attack people, children, and pets.

While this is rare, it’s worth bearing in mind that foxes can carry infectious diseases. To ensure that your home or business is safe, we would recommend removing them as soon as possible.

Where do Foxes come from? 

Throughout the UK, foxes can come from a number of areas. Typically, they tend to hide underneath outbuildings, or in burrows in small groups of trees and woodland. From those regions, they may come closer to your home or business in search of warmth, food, or water.

Fox populations expanded massively immediately following WW2, meaning that exterminators had to learn to deal with the pests. As such, we have intensive experience in ensuring that your fox pest control problem is dealt with.

What Are Urban Foxes? 

Foxes often tend to gravitate toward humans. The reason for this is that humans typically throw away food and other edible things, which foxes are happy to scavenge for. Furthermore, in an urban environment, the fox population can typically find somewhere to hide very easily.

The point at which it becomes unsafe is when the fox problem near you starts to drain their main food source. When they come in search of pets or other small domestic creatures, the problem can go from being worrisome to dangerous. Furthermore, this can be dangerous to humans – if a fox bites a domestic creature, it could pass along an infection which, in turn, could affect your friends, family, and colleagues health.

Fox Control

A significant part of the work that we do involves sharing free advice with local businesses and homes to ensure that they’re able to manage their own pest control problems as well as possible. For added fox control before you reach out to a company such as ourselves, consider a few of the below options.

Don’t Leave Food Out

Typically, foxes surround humans in urban areas because they want food. They are aware that humans will throw out certain items that they can eat, and they’re not averse to going into garbage cans or compost heaps.

Furthermore, never underestimate how cunning a fox is likely to be in search of food – they may sneak into your home through a cat flap, open window, or other small openings. Be wary of leaving food out within close range of such openings, since the smell will likely attract foxes.

Lock Rubbish Bins

Rubbish bins are exceptionally likely to attract foxes. As foxes have no qualms about searching through rubbish, you can be sure that they will sniff around bins for interesting food waste.

To be sure that foxes and other animals cannot get to your rubbish and into your home or business space, be sure to secure rubbish bins.

You can purchase bins that have locks and bolts attached to them for this purpose, or you could simply weigh down the lid of a bin so that a fox cannot open it. If a fox cannot gain access to the bin, it will likely leave it alone after a short while, going in search of other options.

Close Access Points to Shelter

We mentioned this briefly before, but it’s worth repeating – foxes can gain entry to your home through cat flaps and other, similar access points. They will search for a place to sleep if possible and, as such, your warm, secure home is a great option for them. They can, and will, gain access to your home for the purposes of sleep and shelter.

Foxes may also create nests on any pieces of land near your home. This could be underneath an outbuilding, or near an evergreen tree or shrub.

To find a fox’s nest, look for fox faeces in a sheltered spot. When you find the nest, you can either destroy it or entirely prevent access to it, which may be easier.

Spray Fox Repellent on Your Garden 

Fox repellent may sound like an extreme option, but it’s really quite simple. The majority of animals dislike the strong scents of plants like chilli or onions. Therefore, spraying chilli-infused water or vinegar over your land will prevent the animals from coming into your space. Foxes typically leave immediately upon detecting these unpleasant smells.

Use Your Voice

Foxes can be very timid since they’re small compared to a lot of things in the human world. As such, shouting and clapping will result in them getting scared and often bolting. Creating a lot of noise in any way will work – if the fox gets scared, it is unlikely to come back to the place it was scared.

Motion Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers or lights can be effective ways to humanely deter foxes. The shock of cold water or bright lights is unpleasant to the animal, meaning that they tend to run away from the area. As with the noise option – foxes are unlikely to return to the place they were scared.

Where to Find Pest Control Services 

If controlling fox problems yourself sounds frustrating and tricky, then rest assured that pest control companies will always be on hand to ensure that your home and business are safe. A pest control service will have a range of effective methods of fox control.

Here at Shield Pest Control, we have a number of years in the business, as well as a team with a suite of accreditations in humanely and effectively managing the removal of pests from your home or business. Our longstanding work in London means that we’re confident we’ll be able to confront whatever problem you may have – we’re sure we’ve encountered something similar before now.

For an optimum fox control service, we would always recommend reaching out to us. Our team will come to your location and, with the minimum amount of disruption, survey the site. Following that, our pest control service will begin, and our specialists will engage in swift and effective fox removal. We’ve been dealing with urban fox control for years – we’re certain we’re the people to help you.

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