19 October 2022

How to Get Rid of Foxes Without Killing Them

Foxes are nasty pests that terrorise urban and rural environments. It’s best practice to get rid of foxes as soon as possible.

Today, we’ll be covering the basics of fox pest control! We’ll be giving you all our best tips and tricks for getting rid of foxes without killing them! But first, we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about foxes… 

Why Are Foxes a Pest?

Why Are Foxes a Pest?

Foxes are destructive pests that scavenge for food and prey on other animals. Foxes can attack people and children when they are threatened.

However, they will usually stick to hunting mice, guinea pigs, small insects, birds, chickens, domestic cats, and food scraps. Foxes aren’t carnivores, they are omnivores who will eat just about anything.

Foxes also carry infectious diseases like rabies and Toxocara canis. They are dirty, dangerous, and a general nuisance. Whether you have a red fox, urban fox, or garden fox problem, it’s best to remove them as soon as possible!

Where Do Foxes Come From?

Foxes are originally from the United States. They were introduced in the 1930s to the United Kingdom. Since then, they have been causing distress to people and animals due to their ability to breed rapidly.

Fox populations skyrocketed during the post-war period as a result of urban expansion. Foxes have continued to grow and adapt since then. They are now a notorious and irritating pest across Britain.

What Do Foxes Hate? 

What Do Foxes Hate? 

There will always be one female wasp, known as the queen in the nest. Alongside the queen, there will be male wasps a

The best way to get rid of rural and urban foxes is through the things they hate! Foxes will avoid any area that is filled with things that they don’t like. This is a natural way to deter foxes!

For example, foxes hate natural ingredients like chili pepper, garlic, capsaicin, and a chemical compound called alliinase.

Sprinkling these foods around your garden will naturally prevent foxes coming near your home and garden. Foxes also hate water, flashing lights, and loud noises. We’ll cover all of this in more detail later! 

How to Deal With Fox Cubs? 

How to Deal With Fox Cubs? 

Foxes have their cubs around early March or April. It’s typical to spot cubs in Spring, however, foxes may mate as early as February. It’s very unusual for foxes to abandon their young. Usually, they will have a litter of 5 that are inseparable from their mother.

The cubs will nurse from their mother until June when they are weaned off their milk. The cubs will then start to forage their own food and eventually leave their family. 

Occasionally, a mother fox will abandon or lose its cub. If you find a cub on its own, you have a couple of options. You could either nurse them back to health or leave them alone. Most people recommend leaving abandoned foxes alone.

It’s best to let natural selection do its thing and keep the cub wild. If you have a fox problem, it generally won’t be caused by cubs. It’ll be fully grown foxes that are causing you problems. Fox cubs are relatively harmless until of course they become adults! 

It’s good to note you may notice an increased fox presence around mating season. Mating season occurs in December and January. Foxes are far more vocal and active during the mating season. Foxes will scream and bark a lot at this time of year.

They will also roam neighbourhoods looking for potential mates. Deterring foxes can be difficult in the winter. However, these tricks for getting rid of foxes should still be effective! 

Can You Get Rid of Foxes Without Killing Them? 

Can You Get Rid of Foxes Without Killing Them? 

Yes, absolutely! You can stop foxes without harming them at all! There are so many natural and humane ways to repel foxes. We have so many good tricks to get rid of foxes.

There’s everything from utilising a fox’s natural nervousness to fox proofing your garden.

It’s a total misconception that you need to destroy pests to get rid of them. In fact, all you need to do is invest in longlasting, effective solutions.

Nasty, harsh chemicals aren’t good for you, your garden, or the foxes. There’s no need to resort to extreme measures if you don’t have to! Read on to find out more about how to get rid of foxes without killing them! 

Foxes in my garden

How to Deter Foxes Naturally:

How to Deter Foxes Naturally

These are our favourite ways to deter foxes naturally without killing them. All of these methods are amazing fox deterrents. They are tried and true solutions to your fox problem!

Conveniently, a lot of these methods will also work on other predators or small animals you don’t want on your property. Keep this list handy whenever you need to deter animals! 

Remove Foods that Attract Foxes

Food attracts foxes! Foxes are always on the hunt for their next delicious meal. Removing sources of food will stop foxes from coming near your home.

Food is one of the main causes of any pest infestation. It doesn’t matter if it’s your compost heap, rubbish bins, pet food, or exposed food in your kitchen, foxes will be attracted by it.

It’s best to always secure food in locked containers. You should lock your outside bins and your compost bins. Make sure you never leave any food out for an extended period of time.

Once foxes and other wild animals know there’s no prospect of food, they will leave and never return. If you have noticed a sudden increase in foxes around your house, it’s a good idea to check for food before you do anything else.

Human Voices and Loud Noises

Foxes are very timid animals. They are scared easily and will quickly run away if they sense a threat. Start talking loudly, shouting, or screaming whenever you hear foxes on your property. You can even play music or make a banging noise to send foxes scattering away.

The presence of humans will terrify the fox and will dissuade them from coming back to where they were frightened.

Using foxes’ weaknesses against them is a fantastic way to get rid of foxes without touching, harming, or killing them! Scare foxes to such an extent they never come back.

Fox Proof Your Garden

Foxes gain access through open entry and exit points. Foxes are drawn to your rich and diverse garden. They want to scavenge and look for food on your property.

You can stop foxes from getting into your property by securing your garden boundary. This will also stop foxes from digging in your beautiful garden.

You can fox proof your garden with chicken wire or an electric fence. These methods won’t harm the foxes in any way. Chicken wire is a great fox deterrent because garden foxes are deterred by the tough barrier.

Although, they can tear through if they use enough force. Electric fences give natural predators a sharp jolt of electricity whenever they pass through the garden boundary. Both of these methods protect your own territory from foxes.  

Ultrasonic Devices

Garden foxes hate ultrasonic devices! Ultrasonic devices use ultra-high frequency sound waves to chase foxes, birds, animals, and other pests from your garden. Ultrasonic devices can be placed in your garden.

They use sensors to pick up when foxes are in proximity. The body heat sensor will trigger the sound waves to start. Foxes have a strong sense of hearing.

The ultra-high frequency sound waves will irritate the fox and make them feel uncomfortable. The device will stop foxes digging, hunting, and roaming in your area. Ultrasonic devices are one of the best, humane fox repellents

Chilli Pepper 

Keeping foxes away can be as easy as sprinkling some chilli pepper. Boil the chilli pepper and garlic with some water, then mix it in a blender.

Spray the mixture anywhere in your garden that you have noticed fox holes or fox marks, The chilli pepper produces a potent smell that will repel foxes.

Male Urine 

This one is a little unusual, but it is very effective! If you’re comfortable resorting to this method, it will definitely pay off! Essentially, foxes mark their territory with their own urine. Male urine disrupts the trail of fox urine.

Once the fox’s scent has been masked, they will feel more vulnerable and leave your garden altogether. This is a free, effective, if not a bit strange way to get rid of foxes without killing them. Although, it may leave you feeling a bit queasy!

Commercial Fox Repellent

There are so many commercial fox repellents on the market. Fox repellent can come in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase a premade spray or buy a fancy gadget.

Note that commercial fox repellent will definitely be a little more pricey than some of the DIY methods. Although makes for great commerical pest control.

If you want a low-maintenance, easy way to get rid of foxes, head to your local garden centre or homewares shop. There should be lots of different options for your fox repellent needs!

The tricky part will be finding what works best for you. Make sure you read online reviews before committing to a certain product. 

Call a Pest Control Professional

Pest control London companies are always at your disposal if you don’t want to deal with foxes yourself. A fox control service specialises in fox removal, in particular, urban fox control.

They know everything about foxes and pests! You’ll need a pest control service if you’ve tried all the aforementioned methods, but nothing is working. Fox control services are there to help you whenever you need them. 

Start your fox project now and permanently get rid of foxes on your property. Choose what method you think will work for your needs, or you can try a couple of them!

These methods are guaranteed to get foxes to leave your property in a hurry with their bushy tail beneath their legs. Don’t settle for a fox problem for a moment longer! 

Let us know what you think of these methods for getting rid of foxes without killing them. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Best of luck in all your fox deterrent and pest control endeavours.

Call a Pest Control Professional

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