4 April 2023

How to Manage Pests in the Home During the Spring Months

With spring just around the corner, everyone is looking forward to warmer days, lighter evenings and our gardens bursting back into life after the cold months. With the boost in temperature, many animals and insects are starting to wake up from their winter hibernation. Although this is great from a wildlife point of view, it can mean that property owners start to see an increase in pests appearing in and around their homes.

Spring just around the corner

Spring is the time of year when many animals, including mice, rats, ants and other pests, start to become more visible, and many of their breeding seasons will begin over the next few weeks. Therefore it’s important to think about how you may manage these pests if you don’t want any unwelcome visitors in your home!

At Shield Pest Control, we help our clients manage and control pest issues throughout the year. Rain or shine, we offer a range of services and solutions to suit many different pest problems.

In this blog post we’ll be sharing our top tips on how to manage pests in the home during the spring months.

1. Seal entry points 

One of the most important things you can do to prevent pests from entering your home is to seal any potential entry points. Think about all the possible gaps where a pest could enter – remember, they are experts in squeezing through tiny gaps, so even the smallest hole could be a potential entry way. This includes gaps around windows and doors, cracks in your foundations, and openings around pipes or vents. 

It’s important to be thorough when sealing up your home. You can use caulk or weather stripping to seal gaps around doors and windows, and fill in cracks in your foundation with a foam sealant. 

Seal entry points

2. Keep your garden clear

As we all know, as soon as the sun starts shining and the weather warms up a little, the plants and trees in our gardens suddenly burst into life again. Although this can be beautiful to see, it can create the perfect hiding place for pests like rodents and insects.

We recommend keeping trees, bushes and borders nicely trimmed so that they don’t become too overgrown and become the perfect place for pests to live. This is especially important for vegetation around windows and doors. This will not only prevent pests from using it as cover, but also make it easier for you to see if there are any signs of infestation.

Keep your garden clear

3. Keep a clean home 

Pests are attracted to food, water, and shelter. As a result, keeping a clean home is essential for preventing infestations. 

Make sure to clean up any spills or crumbs immediately, store food in sealed containers, and keep your kitchen and dining areas free of clutter. Also, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, as they can attract pests like ants

It’s also important to keep your home free of excess moisture, as this can attract pests like silverfish and centipedes. Fix any leaks or drips in your plumbing, and use a dehumidifier if necessary to reduce humidity levels

4. Use natural deterrents

If you do find pests in your home, there are many natural remedies that you can use to get rid of them. For example, you can sprinkle cinnamon or cayenne pepper around areas where ants are coming in, as they don’t like the scent. 

You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean surfaces and deter pests like fruit flies and spiders. There are also many natural insect repellents available, such as those made with essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender. These can be sprayed around windows and doors, or even directly on pests like mosquitoes.

5. Call in the professionals

If all else fails and you’re still struggling to control the pests in your home this spring, it may be time to call in the professionals such as the team at Shield.

Professional pest control companies have the expertise and equipment to get rid of pests safely and effectively. Many can also provide ongoing prevention services to keep them from coming back in the future.

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