19 August 2019

The Planet Mark and our sustainability goals

Shield Pest Control have achieved the 2019 @ThePlanetMark for the 2019-2020 period. We are committing to a 2.5% reduction in our carbon emissions every year and engaging our employees to drive improvements #ProgressForThePlanet.

Why are we committing to improving our environmental and ethical performance?

  • License to Operate – by managing the environmental impacts of our business we can manage our risk and comply with legal and shareholder obligations. As a Royal Warrant holder, we must comply with the Royal Warrant Holders Sustainability Guidelines, which are a gold standard.
  • Reputation – bad sustainability practice and performance is bad for business. Good performance enhances our brand and builds trust.
  • Profit – good sustainability practices are not just good for the planet, they also helps us save costs. We have seen this with our energy and waste recycling improvements already.

The Planet Mark gives us the tools and KPI’s to measure our progress to achieve this

Our Progress

In recent years Shield Pest Control have made substantial progress against our sustainability goals.

Shield Pest Control’s sustainability means being a responsible service provider. This is integrated as a core value in our business. The aim of our responsible service provider programme is to manage our environmental footprint, responsibly source and support the communities and clients we engage with while maintaining sustainable growth. Under this aim, there are three pillars of action:


Not only do we now deal with pest control operations in the most environmentally friendly fashion possible but our business operations team have adopted significant changes in their ways of working. From reusing scrap paper to sending our client’s updated RAMs via file transfers, wehave reduced our paper usage by 25,000 pages and over 25 ink cartridges.

Small steps that create a positive vibe in the office and doing our bit for the Planet.

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