16 February 2021

Pimlico calling in the Queen’s rat catcher as lockdown forces starving rats into the suburbs

One of the weirder side effects of the Covid crisis, and especially the latest lockdown. As with all the restaurants being closed the rodent population of our fair city literally is starving to death, as the back-alley bins are no longer the tasty store of Michelin starred scraps they used to be.

And while the Pimlico drain crews are blasting less inner-city fat-bergs out of restaurant drains just now they are increasingly finding Rodney Rat and his large family of hungry rodents holed up in the suburbs as they follow the food trail out of the West End and other formerly popular hospitality hot spots.

So, when such infestations are encountered it’s the rat catcher to royalty, Shield Pest Control, that we call in to get the varmints eradicated quickly and efficiently. With our hands full with plumbing and drains pest control is one step too many for Pimlico, which is why when there’s a problem we put our customers in touch with Dan and his team at Shield, who are just the people if you have a problem with birds, bugs, or any other pests, including the aforementioned rats.     

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