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Indian Meal Moth

An infestation of Indian Meal Moth was reported at the Kantar Grays Inn Road Office in London WC1.

As Steve Brown Facilities Director at Kantar stated:

‘Shield Pest Control immediately implemented a treatment programme using Pheromone tablets and Insecticide sprays. Their solution and on-going advice quickly eradicated the infestation before it spread to other areas of the offices. I was delighted how Shield dealt with the issue and then proactively developed a monitoring programme to prevent another future infestation. Excellent service and expertise.’

Mice infestation

At the Kantar Westgate Office, in London W5, Shield identified a mice infestation in ceiling and raised floor voids. Initially tracking dust was unable to determine the ingress due to the design and size of the building with its numerous false walls and partitions. Utilising our extensive experience of working in older buildings we put in place a separate contract to treat and monitor these areas outside of working hours.

Kantar Facilities Manager, Paul Callan said:

‘Shield showed great flexibility by discreetly lifting and removing tiles across a wide area of office space while no staff and customers were present. They went on to discreetly deploy tracking dust, rodenticides and instant kill traps in strategic locations. We were delighted how quickly the mice activity was brought under control and the way that the Shield team understood the need for discretion in support of our business continuity requirements.’

Shield went on to provide regular inspections of the infected areas supported by a bespoke monitoring system with non-toxic rodenticides to prevent re-infestation. Paul added:

I could not have been happier with the speed and effective solution provide by Shield. I would thoroughly recommend them to any corporate business looking for a partner who truly understands their business priorities for employees and customers alike.’

Pigeons nesting

At another Kantar location Shield provided a long-term solution for pigeons nesting in plant rooms on the roof. Shield are one of the few pest control UK firms who are proud to have a dedicated bird control team. Shield deployed a wide range of bird control solutions to remove the issue and prevent a reoccurrence. This included a thorough cleaning programme treating all areas with a biocide, which then allowed maintenance staff to work safely.

Flame retardant netting was then installed to encompass the plant rooms to deny pigeons further access to the areas. Special bird scaring lasers were used to encourage pigeons to leave nesting areas in the hard to reach areas between the plant rooms.

Paul Callan, Facilities Manager at Kantar commented:

‘When we had a pigeon infestation, we benefited from the full range of Shield’s bird control expertise and experience. It’s reassuring that they are a leader in this field given where we are located across the UK and the risks that feral birds present to our brand and employees.’

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