Pigeon Pest Control

We probably all recognise a pigeon as they are the most common urban bird. There are between 10-15 million feral pigeons in Europe. Their numbers are entirely dependent on the availability of food and when it is plentiful they can breed between four and six times in a year.

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Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeon Pest Control & Proofing

They feed almost exclusively on seeds and grains and reducing pigeon populations in the long term can be achieved by restricting food supply, which in turn involves legislation and litter control. This was carried out in Trafalgar Square by Shield Pest Control where feeding times were restricted (under Ken Livingston’s time as Mayor) when numbers reduced from 4,000 to around 200.

The main problems caused by pigeons are connected with the aesthetics and damage caused to buildings by their droppings, that includes damage to masonry and their nests blocking gutter and drains.  It is estimated that pigeon droppings caused £140,000 worth of damage to Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square.

Pigeons as a pest and their control

The control of pigeons and all other wild birds in the UK is legislated by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), courtesy of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Chapter 69). The Act deals with all matters relating to the management of wildlife, the provision of licences and wildlife conservation.

Whatever your feelings towards pigeons they certainly can be a nuisance as described above.  Prevention is always better than cure so there are a number of ways in which pigeons can be deterred.

Bird proofing your building with anti-nesting spikes, chimney pot covers, netting and discouraging birds by using our environmentally friendly bird proofing gel’  – see our bird proofing page under the Pest Control Services tab.  Other pigeon pest control include having a nest removal service.

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