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Wasp Nest Removal Control in London

Many people are under the impression that Council’s provide a wasp nest removal service free of charge. This is not the case even if you are living in social housing.

For safe and effective removal and to prevent a recurrence of the problem it is important to contact a professional wasp removal service.

In the event that you are stung whilst it will be painful, it is harmless in most cases. The affected area will usually remain painful and itchy for a few days. It should be pointed out however that the severity of the sting varies depending on the sensitivity of the person. In rare cases, some people can have a serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to a bite or sting that requires immediate medical treatment and possibly the prescription of antibiotics.

How do I know if I have a wasps’ nest?

In the first instance you will probably start noticing that you have lots of wasps outside and that they are present in sufficiently large numbers to be a nuisance. This usually means that there is a wasps nest not too far away.

Common nest sites include
• Lofts
• Sheds
• Garages
• Beneath roof tiles
• Under the eaves

Wasps are usually able to access loft spaces through worn fascia or soffit boards, or where holes have been drilled to provide access for electrical cables. These all form suitable entry points for wasps to access and to start to build a nest.

By standing outside and observing the wasps it usually isn’t too difficult to see their access point and where they are entering the loft space, shed or garage.

Nests are built in the spring and may still be active as late as October or November. When there is a long winter and late spring, it provides wasps with a longer hibernation leading to increased numbers in the late summer. The warmer season provides ideal weather conditions for wasps to thrive when food supplies are abundant. Ironically a cold winter means that the queens have a deeper hibernation and more survive.

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