Rabbit Pest Control

Domestic and Commercial Rabbit Pest Control

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Rabbits can wreak havoc with landscaping feeding particularly on young shoots and posing a particular nuisance to new planting. Most people don’t want to harm rabbits and in some instances they can be deterred by introducing natural repellants that they don’t like the smell of for example plants such as lavender or catnip. They can be year-round pests; the European Rabbit causes an estimated economic loss mostly in agriculture in excess of £100 million a year. Estimates put the total population at around 40 million. The population is currently increasing by 2% annually due to mild winters and fewer outbreaks of myxomatosis.

The best time to introduce rabbit control is between November and March ahead of the next breeding season. Numbers will be at there lowest at this time. It’s estimated that as many as 90% of young rabbits will have died by the winter time without the need for human intervention.

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