Fox Pest Control

Foxes have adapted well to life in towns over the last 50 years or so. They can be found across London and other cities in the UK. They have become adept at foraging for food in dustbins. They have become so successful that some estimates put the population in London at as many as 10,000 foxes.

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Fox Pest Control


There is no doubt that foxes can cause considerable nuisance. They can damage lawns and gardens when digging for worms, and they scent mark their territories with strong smelling droppings and urine. They raid rubbish bags and bins spilling the contents. Once your space is regularly being visited by foxes, they can be very difficult to deter. The majority of calls regarding fox control are from households, followed by educational facilities, sports complexes and commercial and industrial sites. All have one thing in common – a fox problem that needs to be dealt with expertly. The culling of foxes is permitted by law, however you must be sure to engage the services of a pest control company who is able to manage the problem expertly and humanely.

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